Dave Spindel

Bass Guitar and Vocals

Dave is a long time bass player with roots in the New York music scene. Originally motivated to play by the late/great Motown session bassist, James Jamerson, and Paul McCartney's melodic memorable bass lines in the Beatles, Dave started out with a Hagstom bass (which he still owns) and an Ampeg B-15. A predominantly finger style player, greatly influenced by the late John Entwistle, Jack Cassidy, Tim Bogert, and later Chris Squire, his sound took shape as a more "front" oriented bass player with an absolute commitment to maintaining the groove of the song.

As the music world, and bass techniques, changed, Dave expanded his playing abilities while studying with Anthony Wellington (Victor Wooten's bass tech). Over the years, he has played with a broad variety of original and cover projects, most recently in the Washington, DC area. Not only is "holding down the bottom" along with stage presence, of great importance to him, but he has a passion for all aspects of sound quality and sound reproduction, as a principal officer in Mid Atlantic Sound, Inc.

You can always count on hearing great sound coming from his "tricked out" bass rigs, to his arsenal of vintage and designer basses from Fender, Yamaha, Sadowsky, Zon, PRS, Azola and more.

From rock to country to jazz, from electric bass to upright "Real Book" gigs, Dave will always "come to the table" looking to "add something to the mix". A high quality, quick study musician, who is easy to work with, and who understands that he is being hired to make YOUR gig better. Dave is available for fill-in gigs.

Layin' down the bottom, having fun & gettin' the audience involved!


When the gig is really important!

For bookings or availability, call (703) 282-4871 (direct line)